Entwicklung digitaler Geschäftsmodelle

Many entrepreneurs, especially SMEs, are confronted with problems in customer acquisition and digital expansion of existing business models. We develop innovative business models for you.

In our experience, problems often lie in the fact that marketing measures (online as well as offline) are neglected or that there is simply no overall digital strategy. In most cases, it is difficult to "think outside the box" internally. Especially micro-entrepreneurs have to deal with a wide variety of tasks in addition to the actual development of the strategy and thus often lose the overview.

This is where we come in. As a strong partner at your side, we ensure that your sales and the customer benefits of your product or service are analysed and optimised if necessary.

With a holistic approach and thanks to expertise in a wide range of specialist areas, especially in the field of digitalisation, our concepts are something special of their kind. Our services range from creative brainstorming and the development of more effective and individual business models to the optimisation and automation of sales processes.

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We offer you:

  • Implementation planning of strategy concepts
  • Concept for sales digitisation
  • Roadmap development
  • Sales strategy (digital & offline)
  • Strategy workshop
  • Development of digital business model
  • eCommerce / Hybrid Strategy Development


As experts in the field of digitalisation, we support you with our team and partners (UX designers, conceptual designers and creative experts from various business areas) to offer you something special. As a digital solution architect and holistic business consultant, we develop and digitise your business models and take you to the next level.

Unsere Expertise:

Digitale Strategieentwicklung




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