Social Selling

Social selling is the way you use social networks to get in touch with your target audience. A cheap way to offer products and services is on social media platforms. Benefit from our years of experience in social selling! We make you more visible with targeted and effective LinkedIn marketing and show you how to develop a profitable online sales channel.

Social selling is about building and deepening a relationship with your prospects and customers. So basically, it's not about active selling on social networks at all, it's more about building authentic relationships with potential customers. This doesn't happen from one day to the next, but after some time it can become a valuable and favorable sales channel that enables new customers and business areas.

We show you how you can benefit from social selling and actively support you in building your social media sales machine. Win new desired customers through authentic marketing without being pushy.

Service or performance details:

  • Linkedin-Anpassungsdienst
  • Company content indendification, analysis and creation
  • Headline development
  • Content strategy and execution of the content plan
  • Network, contact and customer building
  • Qualification meeting and prospect reporting
  • Communication strategy and active communication
  • Individual communication in the local language

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What we can achieve for them:

  • Steady network development
  • Regular fine-tuning of sales activities through analysis and retrospective
  • Industry analyses in different media
  • Prospects / Lead Qualification
  • Sensible scaling of sales activities

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The topic of social selling is becoming increasingly important, and since Corona it is clear that this trend will continue to grow. It is possible to draw attention to your offers and convince the customer to buy a product without being pushy. 80-90% of all customers make their decision before direct contact is made. This shows why you need to take advantage of this sales opportunity.

Unsere Expertise:

Erstellung von Marktanalysen

Entwicklung von Kommunikationsstrategien

Netzwerkerweiterung (LinkedIn / Xing)

Contentstrategie: Planung & Ausführung


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