Lead Generation Service

Tom. Leads is a company that deals with data. Our job was to place the service with well-known corporations. We have Heinecken and co. Mainly on the Benelux market. mediated.

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Lead Generation Service

Project overview

As part of this exciting project, it was our job to improve Tomorrow Leads ‘(TL) positioning in their industry. We understand your service delivery in detail in order to optimize communication during business initiation. In our intensive cooperation we have taken over active sales in the Benelux countries. The cooperation brought the desired success: an increase in well-known customers and an improvement in the service. By evaluating data in the first target market, we can also contribute to success in the DACH region in the future.

The team of Mr. Müller showed a very professional approach to the matter. After 1 month the team was at our level and we could enjoy the best trust. Her motivation was always extraordinary and her performance was top-notch.

— Peter Lee, Tomorrow Leads


  • Conception
  • UX / UI design
  • Technical concept
  • implementation
  • Technical Documentation
  • Training
  • Maintenance, care, support for two years


We have been accompanying the customer since November 2020 and sales are running flawlessly. Communication takes place via Slack Messenger and all processes are coordinated.

  • Perfectly coordinated communication and process optimization for a wide variety of requirements
  • Establishing contact with over 230 landowners and over 60 industrial companies
  • Initiation of special projects with at least 20-40 hectares
  • Coordination of the follow-up with over 30 contacts
  • Coordination and implementation of on-site appointments in the western part of Austria
  • Creation of a sales automation concept and optimization of the discussion guide

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