RWA Solar Solution

RWA is an Austrian top company. The order required the analysis of the photovoltaic market and the targeted lead selection to the sales interview for major projects.

Concept and. strategy | UX / UI design | Business Dev | Contract preparation | Customer acquisition and lead bearing in Western Austria

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RWA Solar Solution

Project overview

With the energy transition in 2030, many PV projects are needed that have to be implemented throughout Austria.

Unsere Aufgabe war es, im ersten In the first step, our task was to get an overview of the topic of photovoltaics for all of Austria.
After familiarization, we carried out the technical property analysis and the selection of possible open spaces.

With the selection of a plot of land or an ideal roof area (> 2ha and 10,000m2), we found out and contacted the owners through an extract from the land register.
In the next step, we carried out the on-site meeting, inspection and presentation of the company and its option.

Detail description

MATIKA and 2 of his employees are responsible for the project.

With the development of a concept for the possible application of the so-called Agrar PV has started it all. We then focused on the Salzburg / Upper Austria region and gained our first experience.

In the next step we carried out a UX / IA design draft for possible next steps to improve the current website. After the first 60 phone calls, the communication and counter-arguments were clearly analyzed and we were able to use it to plan a sales funnel and to ideally work out our conversation guidelines and the handling of objections.

At the same time, we have saved a wide variety of media content (online and offline) and summarized it as a whole. Different end-user concepts were created and / or refined with the agreement of the owner.

The team of Mr. Müller showed a very professional approach to the matter. After 1 month the team was at our level and we could enjoy the best trust. His motivation was always extraordinary and his performance was top notch. Thank you for the existing cooperation.

— Klemenz Neubauer, RWA Solar Solutions

Why do you need a good UX / IA?

We noticed that the group subsidiary website neither describes the content nor the problems and worries of the end customers and the cooperation partners.

However, since we regularly heard the same arguments on site, it was clear that something would have to change here. We then created a UX wireframe and design layout to present our process. We work with a multi-collaborative program (Figma, Zeppelin or Adobe XD) and can thus develop the ideal designs. This design work lays the foundations for later development, as this already helps to create code elements.

It was important to develop a UX of customer proximity and problem-solving approach and not just a pure corporate website with the subdomain being a 1x1 info webpage without information. From here, however, the fun of automating the respective sales processes begins. Especially the area of sales digitization


  • Conception
  • UX / UI design
  • Technical concept
  • implementation
  • Technical Documentation
  • training
  • Maintenance, care, support for two years


We have been accompanying the customer since November 2020 and sales are running flawlessly. Communication takes place via Slack Messenger and all processes are coordinated.

  • Perfectly coordinated communication and process optimization for a wide variety of requirements
  • Establishing contact with over 230 property owners and over 60 industrial companies
  • Initiation of special projects with at least 20-40 hectares
  • Coordination of the follow-up with over 30 contacts
  • Coordination and implementation of on-site appointments in the western part of Austria
  • Creation of a sales automation concept and optimization of the discussion guide

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