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  1. What does digital sales and marketing mean?
  2. The first step
  3. Digital environment - the right positioning
  4. Social selling
  5. Conclusion
  6. About us

Many entrepreneurs, especially micro-entrepreneurs, have a problem with customer acquisition. Digitization and automation of sales processes offers the solution to make your company's sales and marketing processes more efficient, leaving you more time at the end of the day for actual business development.

What does digital sales and marketing mean?

Digital sales and marketing automation are a service in which communication about products and services is optimized with the help of software tools so that they can be better offered in sales channels, sometimes also in automated form. This allows you to reach more consumers in less time and - ideally - convince them to buy.

Digital distribution options include:

  • E-Mail and Newsletter System
  • Website or Webshop
  • social media (social selling)

Creating email campaigns, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) ads, social media campaigns and blogs are among the digital marketing methods used to generate leads and deals.

The first step

The first step towards digital sales and marketing is to identify your company's products or services that you particularly want to promote. Should there be a particular product or service that you want to grow, this is usually a good starting point. Digital sales is also suitable for scenarios in which you generally want to increase your reach, or in situations in which your customer base has changed and where new generations of customers have new ideas, wishes and requirements.

One area that is helpful for most business owners at the beginning of their digital strategy is developing “buyer personas”. There will be categories of people who buy (or might buy) your products and these will be identified.

Understanding the characteristics of each category of buyer (persona) can help you develop the best and most customizable user experience. Nowadays it is crucial that companies deliver a positive experience as this is often the only competitive difference.

There are many offerings on the market, so don't let the customer experience be the reason a potential customer turns away.

Digital environment - the right positioning

Another area you should invest in is researching your digital competitive environment. To become visible, you need to ask yourself two questions in particular:

  • Which keywords do you need to optimize for your online content?
  • How big is the competition for these keywords?

In general, it is advisable to take stock of your online search entries that appear on the first page of Google. 95% of consumers who search online never get past page two, so it's important to have relevant, positive content on the first page.

If your business sells products, a solid evaluation of your e-commerce platform is highly recommended. You may also want to find out if a "live chat" would be useful for the type of products or services you offer.

Social Selling

Social media is also something that you need to keep in mind. Sometimes social media management is key for a smaller business to generate new customers. At Matika, we specialize in social selling in particular, as platforms like LinkedIn offer an inexpensive way to boost sales cheaply, but also significantly.

The main point here is to build and deepen a relationship with your prospects and customers. So basically, it's not about active selling on social networks at all, it's more about building authentic relationships with potential customers.


As a smaller business, your internal marketing resources and capabilities are likely limited, which means you may struggle to create the strategic digital marketing initiatives you need. You may think it's too expensive to outsource services to a digital sales and marketing company, but in practice it's not.

The cost for small businesses can vary depending on the services purchased, but is often far below what it would cost if you hired your own people to do it. The biggest advantage of working with a digital sales and marketing agency is that you can focus on what you do best: Developing your business.

Of course, you also have to spend money to make money, but a visible and well-positioned digital presence can significantly increase your sales.

About us

We show you how digital solutions can benefit you and actively support you in building your digital sales machine. Win new desired customers through authentic marketing without being pushy.

Send us a request - we will be happy to help.

Written by Jakob Etzinger

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