The first website - How long does it take to create a new website?

They have seen all these great new designs on other websites and it has become obvious to their webs...


New website - what to consider?

It all starts with a website for your new business. This is the online business card of your company...


Social Selling - How to benefit from it

"Social Selling" is today the hot new sales and marketing approach and is becoming increasingly appl...


The First Steps After Starting A Business: This Is What You Need To Keep in Mind

Congratulations - You Have Started A New Business! You Are Embarking On A Long, Exciting and Rewardi...


Digital Transformation

Many companies overslept the digital transformation (also digital change). One of the biggest mistak...


Agile project management versus classic project management

Who hasn't experienced it, a project was planned exactly and in the end it turned out quite differen...

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