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New technologies have also made distribution more and more complex in recent years. Maintaining an overview and choosing the right mix for one's industry is becoming an ever greater challenge.

Corona in particular changed the classic customer visits of the field staff and even if Corona is passing, the times of classic customer acquisition are over. We know this because we ourselves are at the "front" with our customers day after day, in Austria or Germany.

With this in mind, we have developed our service in which you can outsource your sales to us. We specialise in the digitalisation and optimisation of sales processes and also offer this as a service. Through our experience and professional strategic planning, we make your sales results more predictable.

Our task is to contact and network with potential interested parties. With the help of individually designed communication templates, our employees are well trained on your specifications and can therefore pre-qualify contacts. In addition, we work with you to develop new content and create reports for you to distribute to potential clients.

Service or performance details:

  • Analysis of your current sales markets
  • Sales Workshop
  • Kaltakquise-Dienste
  • Preparation and execution of qualification interviews
  • Closing after contact establishment
  • We bring not only cold leads, but also appointments with decision makers
  • Country-specific sales in the respective national language

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For whom is this service suitable?

  • Start-ups with physical products
  • Companies and start ups that want to expand their markets
  • Any entrepreneur who does not see sales as a core competency
  • When sales need to be expanded at short notice
  • When distribution needs to be expanded at short notice
  • Sales performance for product launches
  • Companies that want to open up new markets
  • Companies with bottlenecks in sales


If you want to expand your sales activities in the short or medium term and need a strong, external partner, then you have come to the right place. We support you with individual product launches, sales bottlenecks, but also with complex sales strategies for your newly founded company. We scale your sales for you and achieve the specified sales targets.

La nostra competenza:

acquisizione del cliente

Trovare e fidelizzare le parti interessate

Chiamata a freddo: pianificazione e implementazione

Qualificazione dei contatti


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