Mattresses Sales website / product finder

Concept, development and sales. The Marrmo company offers rental mattresses for upscale hotels. Our proven development and conception support you in this.

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Mattresses Sales website / product finder

Project overview

Furniture store Reschhome in Bolzano had started a new project, aiming at making high-quality "sleep through" mattresses for hotels.

The first thing to do was to pick up the Reschhome company from where you were. We started with a workshop to get a general overview and to clarify the basis in order to come to the same level of knowledge with the owner.

After the workshop, we created a 3-phase concept including a roadmap for the customer. With this information we were able to split the project into three phases, while already starting to implement its first phase during this development stage.

That was important to get the development started quickly. The budget plays an important role, especially for larger projects. Depending on the requirements, we can also plan and implement phase 1, or rather phase 2, ROI. So we were able to inspire the first customers and at the same time the company has already been able to generate income in P1. The income showed an initial partial success and thus enabled security for the further course of the project.

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Detail description

Matika and implemented the project together. We carried out the conception, project management, advertising campaigns (Adwords & Display) and reach building using social selling (LinkedIn) at Matika. The development of the website was taken over by our subsidiary

The focus was on automating the sales process using a webpage. The aim was to save the contact data centrally in a CRM system using different input masks (with different designs and call-to-action buttons). We have assigned tags to categorize the user.

In addition, we have created an info document and offered this to the customer for download using the “double” procedure. The aim throughout the project was to optimize user behavior and convince them to sell. The customer data was assigned with tags and used in the e-mail automation tool; this data was also all synchronized in the Zoho CRM system.

The team around Alexander and Christoph picked me up really well. Thanks to the great workshop, my eyes were opened and I finally understood the big picture.

— Wolfgang Resch, Gf. Reschhome und Marrmo

Data and sales funnel

In the next step, we collected the data from the system in the CRM system. We have created a sales funnel including email support.

Since we had the data, we automatically sent 5 e-mails as a follow-up and clearly triggered the important advantages of our products again. After we had dealt with the analysis of the users (personas), we already knew a lot about possible interested parties. The next data collection point was our product finder, where special questions and images were used to present ideal product suggestions based on the customer information.

Then the visitor was suggested a mattress that clearly met his needs. In addition, the rental price for it was also displayed. Finally, we used the “Create offer” button to automatically create an offer from the ERP program.


  • Concept and implementation planning (roadmap)
  • Wordpress theme development and CMS migration
  • Appointment and sales funnel design & creation
  • Intuitive UX design for optimal sales
  • Focus on B2B lead generation
  • LinkedIn strategy: build & execute


We have been accompanying the customer for a year now and are always working on improvements if the customer has further wishes and the budget allows it.

  • Modern website with optimized UX
  • Content creation and whitepaper as PDF
  • Advertising support after the launch of phase 1 (Google Adwords)
  • Concept and strategy for the entire recommendation sale, for hotel owners and their guests
  • LinkedIn networking and communication
  • Data exchange between input mask, e-mail, CRM, ERP system and appointment software

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